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At Southside Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we specialise in complete hot water system installation services.

We serve commercial and residential clients throughout the Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Electric Hot Water System Installation Melbourne

Southside Plumbing Heating & Cooling specialises in electric, gas and solar hot water system installation in Melbourne. We also offer maintenance and repairs for all leading brands including Aquamax, Dux, Rheem, Thermann, Rinnai and Vulcan.

If you are looking to replace your hot water system, we can provide sound advice and help you find the best suited hot water unit for your home. Whether you are looking for gas hot water, solar hot water or electric hot water system, our fully qualified and trained engineers will ensure you are enjoying a steaming shower in no time.

Over the past 20 + years, we’ve installed, repaired and serviced thousands of hot water systems across Melbourne. As a fully insured, licensed and accredited business, we assure you of the highest standards of workmanship.

We guarantee exceptional workmanship

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  • Our technicians will begin by checking the existing heater unit to see if it is meeting your current requirements.
  • We will assess the Mega Joule Rating of the existing unit, the size of your electrical system or gas pipes and the hot water requirements of your household to recommend the right hot water unit.
  • Examine your gas pipes to evaluate whether they’re large enough to operate all the existing and planned gas appliances.
  • The technician will test the gas installation to check for gas leaks before and after the installation.
  • We will check the temperature and water pressure of hot water.
  • Commission the hot water unit upon completion.
  • Issue a certificate of compliance.
  • Ensure the installation complies with the regulations.

Experienced, skilled and knowledgeable installers


Whether you are looking for a storage water heater, continuous-flow heater, solar hot water system or a heat pump water heater, we assure you of high-quality installation.

  • Storage Heaters– These systems either use an electric element or a gas burner to heat the water. As storage heaters lose heat via the tank’s walls, they must use electricity or burn gas constantly to keep water at the desired temperature.
  • Continuous-Flow Hot Water Units– These systems feature the latest technology compared to storage hot water systems. These systems heat water only when necessary, as a result of which, it reduces waste and offers you more control.
  • Solar Hot Water Systems– These systems make use of solar panels and gas/electric powered boosters to heat the water. They are highly energy-efficient and quite expensive to install as well.
  • Heat Pump Water Heating– These heaters work similar to an air conditioner. That’s because they extract heat from the air and use a refrigerant to produce hot water. It is an electrically powered system that is very eco-friendly too.
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