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Ducted Refrigerated Cooling System


A ducted refrigerated cooling system is a powerful air conditioning system. It is a central system that evenly sets the temperature of your entire office or home for ultimate comfort.

When you are looking for maximum comfort in summer, look no further than a ducted cooling system from Southside Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We are authorised dealers for all leading brands of refrigerated systems and can help you choose the most suited solution for your specific requirements.

We supply and install the latest systems at competitive prices, assuring you of complete peace of mind. Whether you need help choosing the right sized system or need help finding the most energy-efficient refrigerated system, our qualified technicians can help.

We will take the time to listen to your requirements and we will also consider your property to identify the most suitable options for your property. We will then help you make an informed choice, so you invest in a system that best suits your requirements and budget.

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A refrigerated cooling system does exactly what its name implies. It acts as a refrigerator for your property, allowing you to set the temperature of your choice. Southside Plumbing can supply and install refrigerated air conditioners from leading brands including Braemar, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Brivis and Actron.

  • Keep Cool in Any Weather– A refrigerated cooling system keeps your home or office comfortable no matter the weather outside. Whether the weather is unpredictable or extreme, humid or dry, you can be sure that your refrigerated cooling system will keep you comfortable and cool.
  • Year-Round Comfort– A ducted refrigerated system can also be used to heat your home. Simply get a refrigerated cooling system with a reverse cycle to circulate warm air to enjoy year-round comfort.
  • Temperature Control– Refrigerated systems feature a zoning mechanism that can be used to assign different temperatures in different parts of your property. You can choose which rooms you’d like to keep cool, saving energy and letting everyone enjoy stay cool


A ducted system works using a compressor, refrigerants, coils and a series of ducts. The refrigerant cools the air that’s then supplied to the home by way of ducts that are installed in the ceiling.

Most of the equipment is hidden away from view and placed outside. Only the vents on the ceiling are visible, creating an appealing, consistent look through the house.

Ducted refrigerant system makes zoning possible, wherein you can switch off the air conditioner in some parts of the home that are not in use, minimising wastage and lowering your energy bills.

You can easily control your ducted air conditioner using a thermostat and set a temperature ranging anywhere from 18 degrees to 30 degrees.


With many years of experience, we can install, repair and service all types of ducted refrigerated cooling systems. Contact us today for a quote or to make an appointment. Call 1300 669 555.

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