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Optimise Your Ducted Air Conditioning Efficiency

As a homeowner, choosing the right heating and cooling system is a crucial decision. You’ll have to factor in your family’s comfort, energy consumption, installation cost and maintenance work. Plus the overall aesthetics of the system influencing your interior and exterior look of the house.

Ducted air conditioning system, is an ideal solution to enjoy indoor option temperatures all year round. You enjoy cold air without humidity, and all year long optimum temperatures. With regular maintenance and proper usage of the ducted air conditioning system, you can ensure it stays efficient for years to come.

Here are a few tips that will optimise your ducted air conditioning efficiency:

  1. Set the temperature on your ducted air conditioning at an optimum 24°CThe recommended air conditioning temperature for summers in Victoria is 24°C and 20°C in the winter months. These temperatures are very close to the outside temperatures. The ducted air conditioning system needs not to overwork itself to maintain an extremely low temperature, which will reduce its efficiency in the long run.
  2. Get you A/C running in the early hours of the morning.Most of the people believe that to reduce the load on the ducted air conditioning system and to reduce their energy consumption (save money of electricity bills), it is best to switch on the systems after mid-day. However, as a way to keep your system running efficiently, experts suggest getting it running in the early hours of the morning when the system can reach its set temperature quickly.
  3. Best to switch off the AC in unoccupied roomsOne of the best aspects of a ducted air conditioning system is that it can be switched off in unoccupied rooms, to reduce the system’s load. By switching off and closing the doors in unused rooms, you’ll be reducing the space that needs to be cooled. It increases the efficiency and longevity of the system.
  4. Keep the curtains and blinds closed.As the day goes, the outside temperatures rise, and the sun blazing through the windows adds to the heat inside your home. By drawing your curtains and blinds in, you’ll be limited the heat the gets in, thereby reducing the workload on your ducted air-conditioning system to maintain the set temperature.
  5. Get an annual service.Make sure to have your ducted air conditioning system serviced annually to clear out the air filters and ensure that all parts and systems are working at the optimum condition. Preventive maintenance will also cost you less than part replacements, that undergo wear and tear without regular maintenance.

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