The Ultimate Guide to Split System Heating and Cooling

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The Australian weather means soaring summer temperatures and chilly winters. Due to this, cooling and heating your home throughout the year is a necessity to live comfortably. Now it is important to think about an efficient cooling and heating system that will do the work properly and save electricity bills too.

There are many air conditioning options available in the market. Among them, split system heating and cooling units are perfect for your homes. This blog is a brief and comprehensive guide about the important aspects related to split system air conditioning.

What is split system air conditioning?

The split system air conditioner refers to a reverse cycle system that has heating and cooling options or is used only for cooling. It has heat pump technology fixed into the components for heating and circulation of hot air. Split systems have high working efficiency and are the best way to heat or cool your home. If used properly, these systems can save up to 65% of the electricity bills.

Components of a split system

As the name suggests, split systems mean that there are two different units for heating and cooling. The cooling unit is placed outside the home and has components like air compressors, expansion valve, evaporator coils, fan, condenser, the refrigerant inside the AC unit and refrigerant lines. In the split system, the heating unit is kept in a covered storage area and normally gas is used for heating air. This unit has components like a heat exchanger, igniter, burner, gas valve. A thermostat controls both the split system heater and cooling unit.

Types of available split systems

Some types of available split air conditioning systems are:

  • Simple split system: These are the most common split systems used at homes that have an indoor and outdoor unit embedded with heating and cooling features as usual.
  • Hybrid split system: These systems have the same working technology with the option to heat air using either gas or electricity.
  • Ducted Split System: Heating and Cooling of different zones in your home using ducts with a centrally located unit and a master control panel.
  • Ductless split system: Have no ducts and have multiple controllable units in each room that are connected by a compressor placed outside the home.

Common split system issues

These systems can run into issues over time. Malfunctioning units result in high electricity bills and overload on the unit. When you are using a split air conditioner in Melbourne, most likely you may face some of the below-mentioned issues. Call professional air conditioning service specialists like Southside Plumbing to have a look and fix them.

  • Cold and warm spots in different zones when the unit is working
  • Growth of mould and mildew in the ducts that cause allergies
  • Insufficient cooling as a result of refrigerant leakage
  • Taking a long time to heat or cool a room
  • Dirty air filters that force the system to work hard to perform
  • Any electrical control malfunctioning due to loosened wires and terminals
  • Water accumulation and drip due to breakage in the condenser
  • A blocked indoor vent
  • The system is failing to start due to thermostat issues
  • Squealing and grinding noises
  • Any unusual odours or fumes

Things to consider before buying split air conditioners

There are always some aspects or features that you should consider before getting split air conditioning systems. They are:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Odour control function
  • Fan speed options
  • Air purification level
  • Humidity control function
  • Noise level generation
  • Must have inverter technology
  • Warranty of the components
  • Operation efficiency in extreme conditions

Before everything always keep in mind the following important things:

  • The square feet of space you would be cooling and depending on this you will have to get the right size of the air conditioning unit.
  • The needs of your family and different members may be different requirements at various times of the day or night.

Wrapping up, these are some of the important aspects of split systems that you should know before purchasing one. If you are considering getting a split system air conditioning in Melbourne and you cannot understand if that will meet your purpose, talk to the professionals. Tell them your requirements and they will suggest to you the best air conditioning system that will meet your requirements.

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