The 5 Best Things About Ducted Heating And Cooling

about ducted heating

Having heating and cooling systems in the house or workspace has stepped down from being a luxury to a necessity. Selecting the correct heating and cooling system for your home or office is important as this is an investment all year round.

Ducted heating and cooling systems are a commonly sought-after air conditioning requirement for offices and homes with many rooms. These are also known as central AC systems and are of two types:

  1. Packaged Central AC System
  2. All components are packed together
  3. Best for buildings with limited spaces
  4. Split Central AC System
  5. Components are separately installed
  6. 3 times big and more efficient

5 best things about ducted heating and cooling

  1. Highly efficient

These systems are extremely efficient in heating or cooling a large space within minutes. They are also energy efficient having 5 to 7 stars labels. The cost of running them is also low and they unfailingly outperform other air conditioning options. The systems are also highly affordable with low installation and maintenance costs.

  • Easy to control

There is a central control panel to control the working of these systems which is put up in an easily accessible place inside the building. The control panel has several functions including individual room access. You have remote control access through remotes and use the internet as well to control the system from your device when you are away from home.

  • Safe and aesthetic

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems are extremely safe as the components are placed within the walls inside the house. Outdoor units are housed either on the floor or the ceiling. The ducts are discretely placed so that they do not spoil the look of the house. Moreover, the systems are quiet and respond fast giving you immediate comfort.

  • Equal distribution of air

Ducted systems always distribute the heated or cooled air evenly in a room despite the room’s size. Therefore, every corner in the room is evenly air-conditioned. You do not have to worry about the spot to place the bed or sofa to feel comfortable. This is a major reason why people choose to have a centralised AC system at home.

  • Best for respiratory issues

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems are the best choice if you have any family member with respiratory issues. These systems filter the air, thereby, removing dust and allergens. You enjoy a fresh burst of cold or heated air. Ducted systems enable you to control the temperature quickly within seconds in case there is a need to increase or decrease it.

With so many benefits, ducted heating and cooling always top the charts when it comes to choosing an air conditioning system. However, you must ensure that you follow proper usage instructions to get the best out of these systems.

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