Advantages of refrigerated ducted air conditioning-with 6 tips


Are you using refrigerated ducted air conditioning in Melbourne and getting increased electricity bills? Ducted air conditioning systems come with a lot of benefits some of which are low maintenance cost, long life span and less wear and tear. If you use these systems efficiently, you can save money while getting the best performance from them.


Below are some tips that will help you to take advantage of ducted air conditioning systems and use them efficiently.

Close all doors and windows: When using air conditioning, close all doors and windows. This will keep the cold air inside the room and hot air outside. Make sure that there is no gap through which the cold air can escape outside. If any, cover them. The air conditioner will cool the room faster and the electricity bill will also be less. It is best to open the door less for entry and exit.

Keep the sun out with curtains: During the daytime, draw the curtains and blinds if sunlight is coming inside the room to stop the warming effect of sunlight. The room temperature will be lower and your air conditioner has to work less to cool the room. This also adds to the reduction in the electricity bill.

Set temperature to 24°C:  Maintain an optimal temperature inside the rooms to 24°C when using refrigerated air conditioning in Melbourne during summers. Set the thermostat to this temperature as an extra degree of cooling increases energy consumption by 5 to 10 % due to overload and it does not help.

Keep operating timers in the early morning: Turn on the air conditioning system early in the morning when the temperature is cooler outside. This reduces the load leading the system to work efficiently than turning it on at midday when the temperature is high. Set the system timers accordingly so that when you access that zone it is already cool.

Switch off AC in unoccupied zones: Ducted air conditioning systems come with the option of zonal cooling. Use this to switch off the airflow in the rooms which you are not using and close the door. The working load of the unit will be less while you make savings on the electricity bill and increase energy efficiency. The best thing is to cool two zones at a time that does not put any load.

Service system annually: The daily use of a refrigerated ducted cooling system builds up dust and grime inside the system’s components. This significantly reduces the working efficiency of the system. Get the air conditioning system serviced annually by a qualified and licensed technician. It will be in top shape and continue to perform at its optimum level. It is best to call professional service providers like Southside Plumbing in Melbourne for this job.

These are some major tips to follow when you want to take advantage of ducted refrigerated air conditioning in Melbourne and use the system efficiently. Here are some bonus tips:

  • When you turn the AC on, do not put it to the lowest temperature and then increase it as needed. This does not cool the room faster. Instead, it adds load to the system and increases the electricity bill.
  • Save energy consumption and also use the air conditioning unit efficiently by staying within certain temperatures which approximately is 22–24°C in summer and 20–22°C in winter. This is enough for a comfortable stay indoors.
  • Do not use any indoor appliances that generate heat when the air conditioning unit is working. Appliances like a tumble dryer, oven and grill generate heat when used without proper ventilation. This increases the workload of the unit.

Now that you know all the tips that add to using your air conditioning unit efficiently, go ahead and implement them. Your energy-efficient air conditioning use will help you to save money, reduce replacement and maintenance costs, also lower your carbon footprint.

For any requirement in ducted refrigerated air conditioning in Melbourne, call Southside Plumbing at 1300 669 555 who are professionals providing all services on heating and cooling at reasonable prices.

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