7 Benefits of Split System Air Conditioner Melbourne

Split System Air Conditioner Melbourne

An optimum performing air conditioning system is important during the hot summer months and even the rest of the year. Of all the HVAC systems, the most feature-loaded is the split system air conditioning in Melbourne. As the name goes, the split system cooling is made of two different parts – the condenser gets fixed on the outside.

There are numerous benefits of split system cooling that make it a popular option and why it’s the most recommended cooling system.

  • Easy to install

The installation is easy with the split system cooling and doesn’t take much labour time. Since there is no need for separate ducts, there are minimal changes to your home, and not much space is needed. All that is needed is a small area to let the copper tubing and control wing pass through them. The bulky condenser can be installed even 100m away and even on the flat part of your roof. Split air conditioners in Melbourne are easy and cost-effective and not labour intensive. All of these add to an easy and lowered cost of installation.

  •  Easy to operate

The ease of operating a split system cooling is one of its big advantages. With a remote, it can be accessed from the comfort of the couch or the bed. It is simple and hassle-free. Besides, the quickness with which the cooling is achieved is unparalleled.

  • Silent operation

Split system cooling functions quietly and is best suited to schools, classrooms, bedrooms, libraries, boardrooms, offices, and other spaces where there is demand for silence and/or low noise. Due to the split system air conditioners distance between the cooling unit, and the condenser, the noise can be separated and moved to the remote corners of the building by the garden or elsewhere where the noise of the condenser wouldn’t disturb.

  • Ease of maintenance

In a split air conditioner’s filters are washable. And they can be easily removed and washed by untrained hands, which don’t call for the assistance of a split system cooling specialist, and the system inside needs only periodic routine cleaning. Technicians can easily manage the outdoor condenser’s repairs and services as they are designed for easy access during routine maintenance.

  • Ability to heat and cool

Most of the split system air conditioners available in Melbourne have both cooling and heating capabilities. This dual-mode is sufficient for many to live indoor comfortably regardless of the seasons outside. The split system works well throughout the year.

  • Attractive and elegant design

The modern, sleek split system cooling is designed with high visual appeal. They are capable of aligning with any decor and theme with different colours and are sleek, non-clunky, and your windows are free to be used as they are meant to be.

  • Air purification

Many split system air conditioners in Melbourne have air purification features built-in. They have filters and systems to eliminate allergens and dust that might enter through the vents. It helps to maintain the air quality indoors and help remove the risk of eye allergies, dust-related health hazards which cause breathing problems.

As authorised dealers of all major brands, Southside Plumbing Heating & Cooling supply and install a wide range of split system air conditioning in Melbourne and supply them to you at competitive prices. We also offer split system cooling repair and maintenance service to ensure your air conditioner is always working at its peak efficiency. Our experienced technicians can provide professional advice to design the right split system air conditioning solution for your home. From choosing the right positioning, power and size of the unit, we will help you at every step to ensure you can experience maximum comfort all year round in your home.

Interested in knowing more about your options? Need help choosing the right split system air conditioner for your home in Melbourne? Fill in our contact form or call us at 1300 669 555.

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