5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Heating & Cooling in Melbourne

about heating and cooling

Using a system for heating & cooling in Melbourne is quite common in most households. These systems use a big chunk of energy that can shoot up to 50% of what is used monthly. However, energy can be saved if you choose an appropriate one.

Often people end up making the wrong choice because they are in a hurry to buy or find something on sale put up by heating and cooling companies. Here are 5 facts that you should know about heating and cooling before you make a purchase.

1: There are 2 types of heating and cooling

Electric and gas are the two types of available heating and cooling. Electric cooling systems have the energy efficiency label on them. Solar-powered systems are also available which are economically priced and also easy to install. Gas systems, too, use electricity to run the electric components. Moreover, only 85% of gas is efficiently converted to heat.

2: Different choice, different price

There are several options in heating and cooling systems that are available in different prices. Electric reverse-cycle air conditioners can be used for both heating and cooling which comes within a medium to high cost. Some more options are:

Cooling options:

  • Low to medium price (fans)
  • Medium to high price (electric evaporative cooling)

Heating options:

  • Expensive (duct gas heating)
  • Medium to high price (wood fireplaces, electric in-slab floor heating)
  • Low to medium price (heat shifters, electric/gas installed or portable heaters)

3: Proper insulation improves energy efficiency

Insulating homes is extremely effective to save energy consumption by 44-55%. With good insulation, you will not have to reheat or cool spaces often. Thus, you save money on the electric or gas bills and contribute to reducing your carbon footprint too. Get some effective insulating material for your home when you consider purchasing heating and cooling supplies in Melbourne next time.

4: Maintenance is necessary

Maintaining the heating and cooling system is necessary. The systems are continuously used and regular maintenance will prevent them from having issues and breaking down. Opting for regular servicing of the heating and cooling system is a wise decision rather than paying maintenance professionals a hefty repairing fee when the system breaks down.

5: Considering household needs is a must

Before making any purchase always consider these factors:

  • Size of the space
  • Number of people who will be using the space
  • Frequency of using the space
  • The functionality of the space
  • Energy efficiency needs
  • Your budget (purchase and maintenance)

So, if you are looking for a system for heating and cooling Victoria, consider the following needs.

To conclude, these are five major facts that you should know about heating and cooling. Research well on all important aspects and then decide as this is around the year necessity as well as an investment.

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