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Here at Southside Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we also specalize in the installation and repairs of all types of Hot Water Systems/Services. Including but not limited to

  • Gas Systems
  • Electric Systems
  • Solar Systems
  • All of our Hot Water Service installations come with a Certificate of Compliance from the Victorian Plumbing Comission.


Fantastic Government Rebates avaliable enquire today! (Conditions apply)



Which Hot Water System is best for me?

There are many styles of Hot Water Systems all that pose different benefits.

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems
  • A cylindrical container where hot water is maintained at a temperature until being required. They range in sizes from 75L to 400L. Gas storage is the most popular due to their efficency and also they are the cheapest option.

Continuous Hot Water Systems

  • These systems are also known as tankless systems or instantaneous systems. This style of Hot Water system benefit from being able to instantly heat water as it flows through the device, therefore no running out of hot water!

Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Solar Systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency. This type of Hot Water System is slightly more complex due to the solar panels/collectors being installed on the roof to draw sunlight.


All three types of Hot Water Systems come with a Plumbing Authority Certificate of Compliance and also a Warranty.


Please find below two videos showing how a Solar Hot Water Service and Gas Storage Service are different.




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